Visiting Vancouver’s CatfΓ© 🐱

If you were to ask me the question, “are you a dog person or a cat person?” I would immediately answer with no hesitation at all, that I’m a cat person. I realize this is ironic, seeing how I have a dog,Β Tobi, but I’ve always liked cats more than dogs.Β 

Recently, I went to Vancouver’s very first cat cafe, the CatfΓ©. The cafe had initially opened in December 2015, at Tinseltown. While it wasn’t my first time going, I had more fun this time since there were more cats and they were actually awake and playfulΒ (Ψ‘α΅’α΅•Ψ‘Μ‡α΅’)β—žβœ§

As a fair warning, this blog post will be picture-heavy.Β 

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Muji Vancouver at Japan Unlayered

Explore with me! β•°( ο½₯ α—œ ο½₯ )β•―

Before 2 years ago, I would consider myself pretty sheltered regarding events around Vancouver. I would never venture out to events in our city, partly due to no interest of going out and the fact I was shy and I didn’t like going anywhere unless I had one person I knew personally, to go with me.

However, after being dragged out by my close friend to go hiking for the first time ever in 2015, I found myself enjoying the adventure and just going out in general. Nowadays, I love to find new events to try.

Recently, I received tickets for the pop up store for MujiΒ Vancouver.Β The MUJI Pop-up Store will be accessible during January 27th – February 28th at the Fairmont Pacific Rim.Β  Read more