Dine Out #3: Forage

It’s March and I’m still writing about my Dine Out experience, that right there, tells you how slow I am at updating my posts 😌😌😌

Anyways, the next place I had tried out for my dine out 2017 experience was Forage. I’ve always wanted try this place, since it was hyped on Instagram and I was glad I was able to make a reservation into my schedule. Surprisingly, I had forgotten to take pictures of the place inside, so I don’t have that many pictures of the structure, layout and ambiance of the restaurant.

One of the first two signs you see before you head in.

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Dine Out #2: Brix & Motar

The last past 17 days of Dine Out Vancouver have gone too soon…meaning that this year’s Dine Out event is sadly, over… ΰ»’( ‒́ ∧ β€’Μ€ )ΰ₯­ Although, I must say, my wallet and bank account took a beating, with all the eating out, so I guess it’s a good thing, it’s done.

The next place I ventured out to try was Brix & Motar. For someone, who likes to call herself a “foodie“, I actually never heard of this place. Β We only discovered this place when we looked at the option for the $40 set menu.

(While it’s too late to participate in Dine Out for 2017, I still encourage you guys to look at the different restaurants and menusΒ β‡’Β Dine Out Restaurants)

Yaletown’s Dining House.

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Dine Out #1: Abode Restaurant

When you’re both a poor University student and a foodie, the best event for those living in Vancouver, isΒ Dine Out, which, let me emphasize again, is the greatest food event, ever.

It gives people, (AKA, us, students) the chance to try places that would normally put us in more debt (q‒́︿‒̀q), at reasonable prices.Β 

And for it’s 15th year, Dine Out Vancouver is back!

17 days only, people. Try it while you can!

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