Process Post #1: Vision Board

A vision board, is a tool that helps an individual put their thoughts, ideas and interests into one area. It’s helpful in allowing an individual to maintain focus on a goal they want out of life. On the vision board, most people place images, colors or words to represent what they want to do in life.

In our PUB 101 class, we were introduced to this concept.  With this idea in mind, we were encouraged to it allows us to visualize what we want for our blog and what our theme would be.

I found creating a vision board quite difficult, despite the concept itself, being relatively simple. Personally for me, my vision board was quite broad, as I do have general interests. It was quite hard to narrow down my vision and focus on one thing.

At the moment, I would say my vision board is not as aesthetically-appealing as I would like. For now, I have my vision board written down on a piece of paper. However, knowing that we are going to work on and update our process of our blog, I’m hopeful that my vision board will become more detailed, focused, goal-oriented and a lot visually appealing than the one I have right now.

My vision board, so far.

As you can see, I have a few general interests that do have smaller focuses, such as my general interest of fashion, can be further sub-divided into outfits of the day, shopping, etc.

However, once the weeks go by, I hope to update my vision board, that reflects my progress of this blog and my work for this course.

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