Process Post #7: Monetization

Picture credit goes to Brenda Barron.

During lecture and tutorial, we learned an interesting topic regarding the concept of monetization for our blogs. We learned the importance of how money could be be earned through advertisements. The idea of monetization is significant for online businesses and people who blog for a living, as placing advertisements on their sites creates a path for them to earn money. 

Would I monetize my site?

At the moment, no. Right now, my blog is still relatively new, so I’m not getting that many views which would mean I wouldn’t be earning much through ad revenues. With this in mind, I don’t think placing advertisements would be the greatest idea as in my personal opinion, it looks a bit tacky when there’s advertisements on a site that’s new and has little content :/ Furthermore, like many of my classmates have written, by monetizing your site, it starts to feel like a job and a chore, as there’s the incentive of pushing out more posts to earn money through ads. This feeling may lead to the quality of the blog to decrease in quality. 

I, personally, had used Google AdSense on my blogspot site, Daiisoo, when I started getting more views and followers. It was exciting to see that people were actually clicking on the advertisements I had placed on my blog, as it showed that people were interested. Though, later on, this led me to stop blogging for a while, as I initially started blogging as a hobby, not as a job to earn money. This resulted in my posts getting shorter and the content felt forced as I was writing for the company so I couldn’t really write with my personality in mind.

Earnings from Adsense on my blogspot site

However, I won’t completely dismiss the idea of monetization entirely. If I do start, I would be open to affiliates, sponsorship posts, and Google’s Adsense, but they must be something that is related to my blog and at least, follows the theme of it. But, I believe that I should build an audience and a huge following before going through with the concept.  


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