Process Post #5: Design Element

Late, late, late and late

That should be my middle nameย โ•ฎ(โ–ฐยดโ–ณ`)โ•ญย I’ve been severely delaying my process posts for quite some time, and I really don’t have any excuses for it.ย 

In this week’s process post (or should I say a the process post from a few weeks ago?), we were to read the peer review from our fellow classmate and to see what we could have changed from our layout and designs, regarding their opinion of our site.

My first peer review partner was Sam of the siteย Photo and Phrases.ย I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sam’s review on my blog as it was insightful and helped me knew what I could change and improve on.

One change I made when I read Sam’s review was the subtitle of my blog. Previously, my subtitle had said “Just Another Vancouver Lifestyle Blogger” and after reading Sam’s review, she indicated that it sounded sarcastic and uncaring, which didn’t match the theme of my blog. So, after carefully thinking about it, I changed my subtitle to “Showing the cute side of Vancouver.”ย 

I had also added more tabs on my menu. Before, I only had “fashion” and “food”, but after updating my site, I had more drop-down options for the two categories. Under fashion, I have “outfits of the day” and “review”. For food, I have the option of “dine out.”ย 

The first layout of my blog.

During the end of February, I had decided to change the layout of my blog. This was the week after we had received our second peer review from another classmate. This time, my peer review partner was Julianna, the owner ofย Animation Discourse, had stated she liked my blog because of the simplicity and she liked the contrast of the colors and as well as the theme of the color.

To be honest, as much as I liked my initial layout, I thought the theme was a bit simple and the colors were too light. I tried coding the font color, but to no avail. So, I decided to change my entire theme into something else.

As of now, this is my current design layout. I like it a lot, it still has the cute element to it, and it’s not as simple as my initial design. Should I take blogging more seriously, I would like to say that I would have no problem changing my layout once again.ย 

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