Process Post #4: Who is my Audience?

Now that it’s been a few weeks into our PUB 101 class, we have been told to think about our audience and readers for our own blogs. We been given questions to think about such as: Who reads our blogs? How can we engage with our readers? Why is it that my blog attracts a certain demographic?

Downtown Vancouver.

Since my blog is based in Vancouver, generally I would believe that my audience would be from Vancouver. Perhaps they are wondering what kind of food place they want to explore or if the restaurant is worth trying. More so, maybe they want to know where and what kind of sales that are happening, etc.

However, if I had to imagine my own audience in specifics, I would assume my audience would be in the demographic between teenagers to young adults, mostly females. My audience could come from Vancouver, but, I believe my blog caters more to females who enjoy girly, cute, things, that are into fashion, Japanese culture and lifestyle. Since my blog is about these interests, my readers may be limited.

We are encouraged to think about how our audience influences how we would design our blogs and how we would edit our blogs, which I believe is true. While I do have certain ways how I would design and edit my pictures and blog posts, I would think about how my audience would enjoy small details, such as the pictures that are used, the colour scheme, and adding anything that would make my blog more “cutesy-like” and more enjoyable for them to read ⃛ヾ(❛ ▿ ◠ ).

For example, over the week, I changed the layout of my blog. I did keep in mind, that because I like a certain style for my blog, I still kept the general theme for my blog to appear cute as assumedly, my main audience are people who enjoy cute layouts.

Layout #1
My most recent layout design.


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