Process Post #3: Online Presence

I am late, like super late, but that’s okay (no..not really) because procrastination has always been my friend (°͈▵°͈)

The more we work on our blogs the more I feel in tune to change the layout of my blog. Am I happy with the way things have turned out? Yes, I am.  However, there are things I would like to change to get a more sophisticated feel of my work later on the course.

As of right now, my PUB 101 content can be accessible through the menu tabs of my blog. It’s under the PUB 101 with the separate categories of: process post, peer review & tracking app

The drop down menu, in which my PUB 101 content lives.

Currently, the social media that I have installed on my blog is Instagram. I chose instagram because simply, it’s the social media I use daily. I use it to get inspiration from fellow instagrammers for fashion style, find places to go to eat and explore, looking at the newest hairstyles, etc. 

More so, I feel from all the social media that I use, it’s the one that suits my blog the best as I can use it look up other people’s reviews on items, outfits of the day and so forth. That being said, if I could install two social media onto the blog, Reddit would definitely be the next one. 

As well as using Instagram to look at other people’s style, I do tend to look up local lifestyle Vancouver bloggers and blogs that have a cute appeal to it for influence. I do know that my blog is catered more for the female audience, especially those who like cute designs, things, etc (^=˃ᆺ˂)

Besides writing about our online self, in this week’s process post, we were encouraged to read Craig Mod’s article, How I Got My Attention Back. I thought it was a very interesting read. It’s scary how in today’s world, most people will have social media consume with their lives. 

I’m guilty in that the very first thing I do when I wake up is look at my phone and check out Instagram or the front page of Reddit. I do wonder about the days when everything wasn’t about being online, like Mod had wrote. I feel like it’s accurate to say that because of social media and our online activities and persona, people are becoming more disconnected with each other and nowadays, most people don’t know how to talk others anymore.  

When people’s attention is gone, or primarily, their focus is about social media and online things, it’s hard to maintain that attention we once had when we were young. In some ways, I miss that freedom.


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