Process Post #2: Personal Cyberinfrastructure

If you take a look at the design and setting of my blog, I would say, the very first you may notice, it’s very pink, girly and cutesy-like.  (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ

Am I surprised in why I designed my blog this way? No, not really. How I set everything up, basically reflects who I am and what I like. So don’t be surprised if this blog is filled with color, emojis, and cute gifs.

I previously had a blog before taking this course, and the entirety of the design, was very pink and the posts, the things that I blogged about, etc., had a degree of “cuteness” to it, which I would also put more focus on things that would be considered girly.

If you’re interested, my previous blog, is, this in no way, is a shameless plug-in…or is it?  ⁺⸜(′▾‵)⸝⁺

I’m not relatively new to the world of blogging, so I am familiar with the html codes and how to install layouts and designs. However, I am new to wordpress, so it’s still taking me to get used to the functions, plugins and widgets on this site.

The theme that I selected to choose and install for my blog is called “Mary Kate”. I was able to find this theme by simply searching on google and typing the words “cute, feminine and girly free themes for wordpress.”  

Demo of the Mary Kate theme, created by Angie Makes.

I chose the “Mary Kate” layout because what drew me to this design was that it is simple, cute, pink and girly. The given color theme is pastel and light, which reflects the colors that I would usually use or wear. The layout also allows me to customize a header and select a logo from my choosing.

Although there are many things that I like about this theme, my options to change, style or customize my theme layout is limited. This is due to the fact that this theme was free. The creator of this layout,, also has the premium version of “Mary Kate”, however that costs money.

The things that I cannot change from this layout is the font color and style of the theme. While I do like gray in general, sometimes the color may be too light for people to read. The font color of my posts can be changed to a darker color, however, the title and the date of the post cannot, as the color gray is one of the establish theme color.

I am happy with the theme overall, despite the limitations. I was able to further customize my blog to my liking by adding widgets, such as the about me section, search bar, social media icons, etc. I believe the theme does reflect what I wrote on my vision board so far, as it does have social media integrated in it, for example, on my board, I placed Instagram as the main social media concept that I will use.


A) Examples of cute, girly themes:

B) Social media icons widget:

C) Cute emoticons 〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜


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