Process Post #11/12: Community Guidelines!

When I read the process post for this week, I was a bit confused 😐. The instructions said to develop your own community guidelines for our site. Did they mean to create our own page to do so? Or more of what we would want our guidelines to be?

Whatever the instructions meant, I’ll be adding my own form of guidelines to my post. Should I continue to blog or not in the future, I would probably set my guidelines in stone and have more. But for now, my guidelines are as follows:

  • Freedom of speech is allowed, but any form of hate speech is not welcomed
  • Criticism is fine, as long it is not a personal attack
  • Civil disagreement is allowed as people should have their own opinion on things and not everyone is willing to agree
  • Bullying and any type of harassment are not welcomed
  • Treat everyone fairly and equally
  • Spam will not be tolerated
  • Original pictures from the site can be used but credit must be given

I do believe guidelines are essential to establish rules and help prevent anything that can take on a form of negativity that may have a negative impact on an individual.

However, realistically, if a well-known and popular site, has their own specific guidelines, it may be quite difficult for all comments to get monitored. For example, Youtube, has a huge audience following. Many comments can easily go through that disregards the guidelines in any of the videos published.

Ideally, it would be nice for people to follow the community guidelines, however, that is up to the individual themselves, and how the administrator would deal with the situation should the guidelines not be followed.

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