Process Post #10: Transmedia Integration

So unfortunately, when our tutorial had a group assignment I was away as I had an appointment that conflicted with the time. That was the week when the class had learned a new word.

Transmedia Integration.


I absolutely had no clue what that meant, which lead me look up the term transmedia on Google, so I could catch up to my peers. From what I got (thanks Google!), transmedia is the method of telling a story through multiple media platforms involving the use of current technology trends.

An good example of a company and brand that uses transmedia integration would be Archie Comics. This company has used many platforms to get their brand and their stories across. Originally starting as comic books, it has now expanded to graphic books, manga, online websites and recently, through television and Netflix, due to the new show, Riverdale.

The show is based on the characters of the Archie Universe, and has introduced them to a whole new generation. The show integrates the characters we all know and love from Archie and some of the original plots (love triangle, relationships, etc.), however, for most the show, it has its own original plot lines and stories.

As Transmedia guru, Henry Jenkins has stated, “….transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating  unified and coordinated entertainment experience…” which correctly reflects on the Archie Comic brand as well.


Jenkins, H. (2015). Great Examples of Multiplatform Storytelling. Echostories. Retrieved from


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