Peer Review #1: Photo and Phrases

For today’s post, I will be doing something different, regarding our assignments for our PUB 101 course.

This assignment encouraged us to review one of our fellow classmates website. We were randomly assigned to a peer from our tutorial class, the classmate that I paired up with was Sam, who is the creator and owner of Photo and Phrases.

The first thing I notice about Sam’s blog is the color theme, which is black, gray and white. Despite the dark colors, her writing pops out due to her choice of the white font, which contrasts with the dark background.

I enjoyed the fact that Sam wrote a paragraph on her home page, indicating what her blog will be about using her own photos and writing pieces to tell stories. She also states that her blog will be used to show her progress with her photo editing techniques, along with the appearances of original poetry, prose and short stories.

Sam’s site is simple in the fact that it’s easy to navigate and to explore. For the menu, she has 4 different categories: home, about, prose and process posts.

On her about page, again, it states what her blog will consist of and what we, as the audience can look forward reading to, which is the use of photographs and words to tell stories. Furthermore, her blog will also have poetry, prose and short stories.

Under poem, there is sub-menu about a piece called “Wonder of the Waves.” Based on the looks of it, it’s an original poem by Sam. From this piece, there is the incorporation of photos and writing, that helps tell the story and gives a visual scene for the readers.

For the process post, there are  various sub-menus of Sam’s different process posts for the PUB 101 course.

Overall, Sam’s site is easy to navigate and it’s straight forward on what it will be about. However, to critique because it’s a personal preference, but since I like color, I feel like having different colors would help the blog be warming and make it pop out more.

More so, I feel like the home page and the about page is a bit repetitive as both pages state what the blog will be about. I don’t necessarily believe there should be two pages to dedicate what the site is going to be.

Just as a minor thing too, for her subtitle, I believe if it consisted of an original quote by Sam, it would make the blog even more unique. Instead of simply stating her name, which could be stated on her about page.

However, that is up to Sam and whatever her own vision will be for her blog. I look forward for the weeks to come to see how much progress Sam will have made!




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