Peer Review #2: Animation Discourse

First of, I owe Julianna, the owner of the blog, Animation Discourse, a huge apology, for writing a review about her site so late…•̥﹏•̥꒱ So Julianna, if you are reading this, I’m very sorry about the delay of writing your review!!!

That being said, since our PUB 101 class was encouraged to write a peer review beforehand, I like to believe that I’m getting a hang out of reviewing other people’s website. Now that we learn more about blogging, design, content, etc., it’s a lot more helpful in reviewing our classmates blogs, in the sense that we are looking for more factors besides the design and overview context.

The homepage of Animation Discourse.

Based on the title of her blog itself, immediately, I can tell that Julianna’s blog is generally about animation and animated shows. If you look to the very top right corner of the site, there are tabs, for you to click and explore. The tabs are: blog, about and posiel.

If you hover above the “about” tab, you find yourself having 2 drop-down options, “who am I?” and “contact.” Of course, both tabs are self-explanatory, but I did explore the “who am I?” tab more, as I wanted to learn about the author (Julianna) more. 

The banner/header with the various animated characters was a very nice touch!

The first thing I noticed and liked about the “who am I?” page was that there was a header or banner, of characters from various animated shows and movies, such as Avatar the Last Airbender, Young Justice, Zootopia and more!

What I like about Julianna’s about page was  that she stated that she incorporates what she is studying, which are business management, communication and publishing, into her blog posts. Furthermore, we get to know what she likes and why her blog is about animation, as she wants to work in the world of animation production. So, her blog and the theme, is very fitting.

Another thing that stood out for me was the logo of the title, “Animation Discourse”, itself. I liked how the typography and colors of the words were a contrast of one another. The word animation is thin and black, while discourse is thicker and in the color of white. 

The overall blog theme is simplistic, but it works. I like how she chose and stuck with a few color schemes, red, black and white, nothing too bold, as it doesn’t distract the reader in anyway. To the right side of the blog, you have the sidebar, that contains social media platforms to follow Julianna and her work, categories, recent posts and tags.

I will say, that, Julianna’s blog is the first blog from our peers that I’ve seen Google’s Ad Sense on display, which is normal for blogs to have, as many blogs have ads for the concept of monetization

An example of a review of a show on Animation Discourse.

Of course, you can’t leave the site without reading Julianna’s review of episodes of the animated show she watches. I never heard of her the show Star vs. the Forces of Evil, before, but when I read the review, the detailed input of it, makes me want to check the show out. You can tell by the way the post is written, that Julianna is passionate about animation, especially what messages are conveyed in an episode and the emotions of the characters. 

Besides the writing, I did like the fact that she added pictures for a section of the review, but did not overdo it. There’s just enough with pictures that goes with her writing.

I really enjoyed exploring Julianna’s blog, since it was different and unique. I personally like animation myself, but I haven’t heard some of the shows she has been reviewing. So, it’s nice to have  recommendations from an avid animation fan. If I have to critique, I will say there are only a few grammatical errors, but other than that, everything else looks good 👍

If you want to read detailed reviews on animated shows or like animation in general, I would highly recommend visiting, Animation Discourse, you’ll learn about animated shows that you might have not heard of before. More so, because Julianna likes a variety of animated shows, you would be exposed to many different shows, so it’s not limited.


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    1. Hi Julianna,

      Thank-you for the kind comment! 🙂 I apologize again for the late post. I appreciate all the input you gave me for the peer review.

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