Visiting Vancouver’s Catfé 🐱

If you were to ask me the question, “are you a dog person or a cat person?” I would immediately answer with no hesitation at all, that I’m a cat person. I realize this is ironic, seeing how I have a dog, Tobi, but I’ve always liked cats more than dogs. 

Recently, I went to Vancouver’s very first cat cafe, the Catfé. The cafe had initially opened in December 2015, at Tinseltown. While it wasn’t my first time going, I had more fun this time since there were more cats and they were actually awake and playful (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞

As a fair warning, this blog post will be picture-heavy

The two step visitor guide for all to see.

The first thing you have to do in order to visit the Catfé, is to make a reservation online. You can do this by going onto their website, Catfé, and picking the day and time that suits your schedule. The cafe encourages to do this because they want to maintain an equal ratio of cats and humans, so the cats won’t feel overwhelmed. 

The site also informed the prices of admission. Either pay $5, when you buy food or drinks or pay $8, if the food or drinks don’t interest you at all.

Warning: Close the door, cats have escaped before.

After entering the place, we decided to pay the admission fee, along with getting things to munch and sip on. It was probably because the food was too cute and the puns they had on their menu, were clever, puns, such as “Meowcarons.” 

Hello Kitty “Meowcarons”

Like any typical cafe, the place had numerous options on their menus. Despite the many choices of drinks, the desserts stuck out to me the most, since the majority had a cat-theme to it. We picked the macarons, since they were cute and plus, it was in the shape of Hello Kitty  The flavors were: Pistachio, Lavender, Blueberry & Raspberry.

The lavender flavor macaron.
The seating area.

The Catfé also had a nice seating area, for those who wanted to finish their things before heading in. However, we decided to bring our food in with us, as we we wanted to make most of our 1 hour time limit.

🐾 Merchandise 🐾

Seeing how it’s been a year the last time I visited the Catfé, I had forgotten all the souvenirs and merchandise they carry and sell. There’s a lot things to choose from, for example, t-shirts, pens, hats, pins, stationary, etc. Of course, every item was cat-related. Not only did they sell the items in the coffee area, but they also had souvenirs in the cat lounge as well!

Cutest cards ever.
A whole tower of merchandise.
Kitty overload.’

After carefully looking at the gifts, we entered the cat lounge. A worker collected our receipts and then informed us 8 rules about playing with the cats. The cat lounge was filled with multiple tables for people to study, eat, play board games and read.

On one end of the wall, there’s information about the cats that are currently residing in the catfe. It tells the name of each cat, their backstory and how old they are. Mostly, it’s for people who are interested in adopting.

On the other side of the wall, there’s a huge wooden jungle gym for the cats to play, explore and sleep in. The jungle gym also had cute wall decorations. All around the room, there were cat toys spread around for customers to use and play with the cats. There were also tunnels for cats to run in.  


Some of the cats were friendly and played with the customers, while others were shy and hid in compartments. However, the bottom line was, all the cats that were present, were so cute ♥ 

Making the most of the scratching post 😀

Focused on the toy.
Me, trying to get closer to this little one.

Overall, I enjoyed the Catfé. The entire concept was cute and a good introduction for people who are not used to cats yet. If you haven’t been there yet, I would recommend it being a place in Vancouver to try!

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