Process Post #11/12: Community Guidelines!

When I read the process post for this week, I was a bit confused 😐. The instructions said to develop your own community guidelines for our site. Did they mean to create our own page to do so? Or more of what we would want our guidelines to be?

Whatever the instructions meant, I’ll be adding my own form of guidelines to my post. Should I continue to blog or not in the future, I would probably set my guidelines in stone and have more. But for now, my guidelines are as follows:

  • Freedom of speech is allowed, but any form of hate speech is not welcomed
  • Criticism is fine, as long it is not a personal attack
  • Civil disagreement is allowed as people should have their own opinion on things and not everyone is willing to agree
  • Bullying and any type of harassment are not welcomed
  • Treat everyone fairly and equally
  • Spam will not be tolerated
  • Original pictures from the site can be used but credit must be given

I do believe guidelines are essential to establish rules and help prevent anything that can take on a form of negativity that may have a negative impact on an individual.

However, realistically, if a well-known and popular site, has their own specific guidelines, it may be quite difficult for all comments to get monitored. For example, Youtube, has a huge audience following. Many comments can easily go through that disregards the guidelines in any of the videos published.

Ideally, it would be nice for people to follow the community guidelines, however, that is up to the individual themselves, and how the administrator would deal with the situation should the guidelines not be followed.

Process Post #10: Transmedia Integration

So unfortunately, when our tutorial had a group assignment I was away as I had an appointment that conflicted with the time. That was the week when the class had learned a new word.

Transmedia Integration.


I absolutely had no clue what that meant, which lead me look up the term transmedia on Google, so I could catch up to my peers. From what I got (thanks Google!), transmedia is the method of telling a story through multiple media platforms involving the use of current technology trends.

An good example of a company and brand that uses transmedia integration would be Archie Comics. This company has used many platforms to get their brand and their stories across. Originally starting as comic books, it has now expanded to graphic books, manga, online websites and recently, through television and Netflix, due to the new show, Riverdale.

The show is based on the characters of the Archie Universe, and has introduced them to a whole new generation. The show integrates the characters we all know and love from Archie and some of the original plots (love triangle, relationships, etc.), however, for most the show, it has its own original plot lines and stories.

As Transmedia guru, Henry Jenkins has stated, “….transmedia storytelling represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating  unified and coordinated entertainment experience…” which correctly reflects on the Archie Comic brand as well.


Jenkins, H. (2015). Great Examples of Multiplatform Storytelling. Echostories. Retrieved from


Process Post #8: Analyzing Google Analytics

This post has been severely delayed and surprisingly, it’s not because of my procrastination habits 😮. I actually waited to do this post later than usual, as I wanted to see if my statistics for my blog would change or increase, depending how I either promoted and engaged or didn’t, with my audience.  

I believe Google Analytics is a great concept for bloggers ✮⃛( ◞´•௰•`)✮⃛  since it has many functions and utilities. For example, it shows the demographic of your audience and their behavior when they enter your site. More so, Google Analytics also shows the specific location of your viewers. With all these functions, this can help bloggers to know what their audience likes about their site.

While there are many great tools on Google analytics alone, I will admit, that I did and still find using it quite confusing ^^’. Initially, I did find analytics overwhelming as there was so many options to explore on. However, once I started playing around with it more, I became more familiar with it. Though, there are still some options that are not available to me, for example, I still don’t have access to some of the demographic data.

The daily stats of my blog throughout the month of March.

To be frank, I wasn’t too surprised when I saw a huge fluctuation of views for my blog. There’s a sudden spike of views on certain days because I had promoted my site through my Instagram accounts. I did this by linking my blog URL on my Instagram profile and I had also posted a picture on my IG account that was related to the blog post with comments encouraging people to go visit ( ◞・౪・)

Acquisition Overview for the month of March.

I was also not shocked that my site was found directly as I did give my link to some of my friends and family members and our sites have been given on a list for this course. Not surprisingly, Instagram was the main social media in which people had found my site. I did find it nice that people found my blog through Facebook though, as I had linked it on my profile and I didn’t even promote it on my wall! However, the one weird thing I found for the organic search, was that there was no specific link in which people had come across my site, in fact, it said it could not be provided 😐

There were a couple of things that did surprise me about the statistics of my blog. First of, I was completely taken aback when I found out that one of my most viewed pages was my post about Vancouver’s Catfe. If anything, I would have assumed that my most view posts would be about food as I have a huger following on my food account on Instagram than my main account in which I had promoted the Catfe post.

Demographics overview.

Another thing that surprised me was the fact that all my views came from females and I had no male viewers. I would assume that my food posts would attract at least some male viewers, but then again, my writing style and overall design does cater to girls more. So unfortunately, because I don’t have data for the ages of my viewers I can’t really comment on it. However, hypothetically, if people that were above their 20s and 30s had viewed my blog I would be surprised because my blog is mostly written for students and young adults.

The geography data.

I did like the fact that there were views from different countries. Although the ones with 100% bounce rates are more likely to be bots, I did find it nice that people from the USA were visiting and reading! When I looked at the cities of where my audience was coming from, the majority were from British Columbia such as Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, New West, Port Coquitlam, etc. Though there were some outside of Canada, like San Jose.

By using Google Analytics, it can help me think of ways to improve my blog (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و. The major thing I want to work on is improving the engagement with my audience. I noticed that not that many people stay on my site too long , perhaps, they only take a peak at it. Hopefully, by using engagement tactics that we learned in class, I will be able to improve my blog overall.


Process Post #7: Monetization

Picture credit goes to Brenda Barron.

During lecture and tutorial, we learned an interesting topic regarding the concept of monetization for our blogs. We learned the importance of how money could be be earned through advertisements. The idea of monetization is significant for online businesses and people who blog for a living, as placing advertisements on their sites creates a path for them to earn money. 

Would I monetize my site?

At the moment, no. Right now, my blog is still relatively new, so I’m not getting that many views which would mean I wouldn’t be earning much through ad revenues. With this in mind, I don’t think placing advertisements would be the greatest idea as in my personal opinion, it looks a bit tacky when there’s advertisements on a site that’s new and has little content :/ Furthermore, like many of my classmates have written, by monetizing your site, it starts to feel like a job and a chore, as there’s the incentive of pushing out more posts to earn money through ads. This feeling may lead to the quality of the blog to decrease in quality. 

I, personally, had used Google AdSense on my blogspot site, Daiisoo, when I started getting more views and followers. It was exciting to see that people were actually clicking on the advertisements I had placed on my blog, as it showed that people were interested. Though, later on, this led me to stop blogging for a while, as I initially started blogging as a hobby, not as a job to earn money. This resulted in my posts getting shorter and the content felt forced as I was writing for the company so I couldn’t really write with my personality in mind.

Earnings from Adsense on my blogspot site

However, I won’t completely dismiss the idea of monetization entirely. If I do start, I would be open to affiliates, sponsorship posts, and Google’s Adsense, but they must be something that is related to my blog and at least, follows the theme of it. But, I believe that I should build an audience and a huge following before going through with the concept.  


Process Post #6: Let’s Remix Something!

For this week’s process post (…okay, more like, this post was for a few weeks ago….¯\_༼ ༽_/¯), we were simply informed to remix something. And that was it. For the most part, I was thinking “wait what?”  when I heard this was our topic for the process post. There wasn’t much instructions to go on, and I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person who needs detailed instructions to do something.

Perhaps, this is the sole reason why I’ve been delaying this process post 😐 I’ve been trying to think of something to incorporate the element of re-mixing, yet, stay true to my blog. After carefully reading my fellow peers ideas of remixing to get inspired (…in no way was I stalking.¯\_ʘᗜʘ_/¯), the majority of my classmates, had incorporated re-mix of photos, music, poems, etc. which I thought was creative, given how they designed the remix on their own.

That being said, I wanted to do something different and out of my comfort zone. I like to think to remix something, is to integrate something your comfortable with but at the same time, something, your not. 

Last week, I visited North Vancouver, and explored Lonsdale Quay Market. I decided for my remix, I wanted to vlog about the adventure, but at the same time, take pictures! Vlogging is something that is out of my comfort zone because it’s basically me talking to a camera in public. It was a bit weird at first, but I was slowly getting used to it. However, because I was too excited about visiting the market since it’s been a year the last time I was there, I kind of forgot to vlog about the entire trip. I did record getting on the sea bus ⛵, which is always fun.

Of course, there is the other half of the remix which are pictures that I took for my adventure. I hope you enjoyed my remix post 😎

Song – Older Brother by Pepper Rabbit

The passageway of the market.
Our lunch for the day.
Gelato from the market.
Had to get that Instagram worthy background.

Process Post #5: Design Element

Late, late, late and late

That should be my middle name ╮(▰´△`)╭ I’ve been severely delaying my process posts for quite some time, and I really don’t have any excuses for it. 

In this week’s process post (or should I say a the process post from a few weeks ago?), we were to read the peer review from our fellow classmate and to see what we could have changed from our layout and designs, regarding their opinion of our site.

My first peer review partner was Sam of the site Photo and Phrases. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sam’s review on my blog as it was insightful and helped me knew what I could change and improve on.

One change I made when I read Sam’s review was the subtitle of my blog. Previously, my subtitle had said “Just Another Vancouver Lifestyle Blogger” and after reading Sam’s review, she indicated that it sounded sarcastic and uncaring, which didn’t match the theme of my blog. So, after carefully thinking about it, I changed my subtitle to “Showing the cute side of Vancouver.” 

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Process Post #4: Who is my Audience?

Now that it’s been a few weeks into our PUB 101 class, we have been told to think about our audience and readers for our own blogs. We been given questions to think about such as: Who reads our blogs? How can we engage with our readers? Why is it that my blog attracts a certain demographic?

Downtown Vancouver.

Since my blog is based in Vancouver, generally I would believe that my audience would be from Vancouver. Perhaps they are wondering what kind of food place they want to explore or if the restaurant is worth trying. More so, maybe they want to know where and what kind of sales that are happening, etc.

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Process Post #3: Online Presence

I am late, like super late, but that’s okay (no..not really) because procrastination has always been my friend (°͈▵°͈)

The more we work on our blogs the more I feel in tune to change the layout of my blog. Am I happy with the way things have turned out? Yes, I am.  However, there are things I would like to change to get a more sophisticated feel of my work later on the course.

As of right now, my PUB 101 content can be accessible through the menu tabs of my blog. It’s under the PUB 101 with the separate categories of: process post, peer review & tracking app

The drop down menu, in which my PUB 101 content lives.

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Process Post #2: Personal Cyberinfrastructure

If you take a look at the design and setting of my blog, I would say, the very first you may notice, it’s very pink, girly and cutesy-like.  (♡ ὅ ◡ ὅ )ʃ

Am I surprised in why I designed my blog this way? No, not really. How I set everything up, basically reflects who I am and what I like. So don’t be surprised if this blog is filled with color, emojis, and cute gifs.

I previously had a blog before taking this course, and the entirety of the design, was very pink and the posts, the things that I blogged about, etc., had a degree of “cuteness” to it, which I would also put more focus on things that would be considered girly.

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