Peer Review #3: Perla Ramirez

For my third and last peer review of the semester, I was paired up with fellow classmate, Perla Ramirez, owner of the blog, Perla Ramirez, AKA, the user, Celeste Silverfrond, on Dungeons and Dragons.

Along with looking at the design and content of the blog for this peer review post, I will also be assessing and analyzing Perla’s marketability for her intended audience.

Homepage of Perla’s blog, I like how her user for DnD, is bolded.

The very first thing, that caught my attention was the username of Perla’s character, Celeste Silverfrond, as it was big, bright and bold. It was also used as the head title, along with the subtitle of “combating school and dragons.”

However, because of this, I wasn’t too sure if Perla’s blog title was supposed to be Celeste Silverfrond or Perla Ramirez. In any case, I went for the safe route, and assumed that her blog is called Perla Ramirez, as it is the title of her URL to her blog.

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Peer Review #2: Animation Discourse

First of, I owe Julianna, the owner of the blog, Animation Discourse, a huge apology, for writing a review about her site so late…•̥﹏•̥꒱ So Julianna, if you are reading this, I’m very sorry about the delay of writing your review!!!

That being said, since our PUB 101 class was encouraged to write a peer review beforehand, I like to believe that I’m getting a hang out of reviewing other people’s website. Now that we learn more about blogging, design, content, etc., it’s a lot more helpful in reviewing our classmates blogs, in the sense that we are looking for more factors besides the design and overview context.

The homepage of Animation Discourse.

Based on the title of her blog itself, immediately, I can tell that Julianna’s blog is generally about animation and animated shows. If you look to the very top right corner of the site, there are tabs, for you to click and explore. The tabs are: blog, about and posiel.

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Peer Review #1: Photo and Phrases

For today’s post, I will be doing something different, regarding our assignments for our PUB 101 course.

This assignment encouraged us to review one of our fellow classmates website. We were randomly assigned to a peer from our tutorial class, the classmate that I paired up with was Sam, who is the creator and owner of Photo and Phrases.

The first thing I notice about Sam’s blog is the color theme, which is black, gray and white. Despite the dark colors, her writing pops out due to her choice of the white font, which contrasts with the dark background.

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