Visiting Vancouver’s Catfé 🐱

If you were to ask me the question, “are you a dog person or a cat person?” I would immediately answer with no hesitation at all, that I’m a cat person. I realize this is ironic, seeing how I have a dog, Tobi, but I’ve always liked cats more than dogs. 

Recently, I went to Vancouver’s very first cat cafe, the Catfé. The cafe had initially opened in December 2015, at Tinseltown. While it wasn’t my first time going, I had more fun this time since there were more cats and they were actually awake and playful (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞

As a fair warning, this blog post will be picture-heavy

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Process Post #5: Design Element

Late, late, late and late

That should be my middle name ╮(▰´△`)╭ I’ve been severely delaying my process posts for quite some time, and I really don’t have any excuses for it. 

In this week’s process post (or should I say a the process post from a few weeks ago?), we were to read the peer review from our fellow classmate and to see what we could have changed from our layout and designs, regarding their opinion of our site.

My first peer review partner was Sam of the site Photo and Phrases. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sam’s review on my blog as it was insightful and helped me knew what I could change and improve on.

One change I made when I read Sam’s review was the subtitle of my blog. Previously, my subtitle had said “Just Another Vancouver Lifestyle Blogger” and after reading Sam’s review, she indicated that it sounded sarcastic and uncaring, which didn’t match the theme of my blog. So, after carefully thinking about it, I changed my subtitle to “Showing the cute side of Vancouver.” 

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Dine Out #2: Brix & Motar

The last past 17 days of Dine Out Vancouver have gone too soon…meaning that this year’s Dine Out event is sadly, over… ໒( •́ ∧ •̀ )७ Although, I must say, my wallet and bank account took a beating, with all the eating out, so I guess it’s a good thing, it’s done.

The next place I ventured out to try was Brix & Motar. For someone, who likes to call herself a “foodie“, I actually never heard of this place.  We only discovered this place when we looked at the option for the $40 set menu.

(While it’s too late to participate in Dine Out for 2017, I still encourage you guys to look at the different restaurants and menus  Dine Out Restaurants)

Yaletown’s Dining House.

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Peer Review #2: Animation Discourse

First of, I owe Julianna, the owner of the blog, Animation Discourse, a huge apology, for writing a review about her site so late…•̥﹏•̥꒱ So Julianna, if you are reading this, I’m very sorry about the delay of writing your review!!!

That being said, since our PUB 101 class was encouraged to write a peer review beforehand, I like to believe that I’m getting a hang out of reviewing other people’s website. Now that we learn more about blogging, design, content, etc., it’s a lot more helpful in reviewing our classmates blogs, in the sense that we are looking for more factors besides the design and overview context.

The homepage of Animation Discourse.

Based on the title of her blog itself, immediately, I can tell that Julianna’s blog is generally about animation and animated shows. If you look to the very top right corner of the site, there are tabs, for you to click and explore. The tabs are: blog, about and posiel.

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Muji Vancouver at Japan Unlayered

Explore with me! ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

Before 2 years ago, I would consider myself pretty sheltered regarding events around Vancouver. I would never venture out to events in our city, partly due to no interest of going out and the fact I was shy and I didn’t like going anywhere unless I had one person I knew personally, to go with me.

However, after being dragged out by my close friend to go hiking for the first time ever in 2015, I found myself enjoying the adventure and just going out in general. Nowadays, I love to find new events to try.

Recently, I received tickets for the pop up store for Muji Vancouver. The MUJI Pop-up Store will be accessible during January 27th – February 28th at the Fairmont Pacific Rim.  Read more

Essay #1: Fake News

Nowadays, the use of social media is integrated as an daily activity for the majority of people in society. The popularity of such platforms, are in no doubt, increasing as social media has and reaches a wide range of audiences. While there are many different types of social media applications that have different functions, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. these platforms do share the common feature as a form of communication and as a way for people to connect and re-connect with one another.

However, thanks to such social media platforms, it’s been evident that more and more people are obtaining and accessing news from it. In a general consensus, research conducted by the Pew Research Center had found out that approximately 62% of adults obtain news from social media. Furthermore, the research had broken down the statistics in greater detail by the different platforms. They discovered that two-thirds of Facebook users (66%) find out news on it, while about six out of ten (59%) Twitter users get news on the platform and whereas, seven out of ten Reddit users obtain news on Reddit itself (Gottfried & Shearer, 2016). The significance of this is that some stories may not be credible, and may turn out to be fake and false news. In which case, some people may not check if it has credible sources or is valid, before sharing it with the public.

The term “false news” has been recently been used too widely, thanks to the influence of the recent US presidential election. According to Elle Hunt from the Guardian, false news is defined as news that is made up entirely and that is manipulated and altered to the point that it appears like realistic and credible journalism. False news uses tactics to attract traffic and reach a bigger range of audiences. They use such tactics as clickbaits, eye-catching headlines and pop-ups (Hunt, 2016).

People who create false news may possiblly do it for the “…thrill of deception, or call their work satirical or in it for the money….” (Herman, 2016). The concept of false news is that the stories that are written, are mainly focused on fabrications and lies and are published with no valid and credible sources. Journalist, John Herman of the New York Times, stated that this can lead to these stories to be quickly posted on numerous sites, which can lead to the false news being shared by many.

False news can not only lead people to believe in something that is untrue, but in severe cases it can also bring harm to people. For example, the infamous Reddit Boston Bombing case. The days after the incident, many users on Reddit started sleuthing to find out who were the culprits behind the bombing. This led to millions of users to incorrectly accused Brown University student, Sunil Tripathi, as the perpetrator of the bombings. Unfortunately, due to these accusations, Tripathi found himself facing massive negative backlash, which eventually led to his suicide (Stanglin, 2013).

Once it was brought to light that Tripathi was indeed, innocent, many news outlets and Reddit in general, had issued an apology to Tripathi’s family. The general manager of Reddit, Erik Martin, ensured during that time, Reddit and other social media platforms, would be more cautious and make sure that any false accusations and news would not lead to such a crisis. 

Due to the recent US election, false news have become more prominent. Months ago, Facebook had featured a false story about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, on it’s trending topics. The story had falsely claimed that the channel had fired Kelly, for being “…a closet liberal who wants Hilary to win.” (Gunaranta, 2016). This had led to many journalists taking screenshots of such false news, and reporting it to Facebook, in which the platform had ensure they would take better measures in removing such links.

In early 2017, Google and Facebook, have been taking steps to remove false news. Facebook had altered it’s Trending topics feature, to provide more reliable news articles. Despite the efforts of fighting false news, the fight against it, is still a work in progress.


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Process Post #4: Who is my Audience?

Now that it’s been a few weeks into our PUB 101 class, we have been told to think about our audience and readers for our own blogs. We been given questions to think about such as: Who reads our blogs? How can we engage with our readers? Why is it that my blog attracts a certain demographic?

Downtown Vancouver.

Since my blog is based in Vancouver, generally I would believe that my audience would be from Vancouver. Perhaps they are wondering what kind of food place they want to explore or if the restaurant is worth trying. More so, maybe they want to know where and what kind of sales that are happening, etc.

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Process Post #3: Online Presence

I am late, like super late, but that’s okay (no..not really) because procrastination has always been my friend (°͈▵°͈)

The more we work on our blogs the more I feel in tune to change the layout of my blog. Am I happy with the way things have turned out? Yes, I am.  However, there are things I would like to change to get a more sophisticated feel of my work later on the course.

As of right now, my PUB 101 content can be accessible through the menu tabs of my blog. It’s under the PUB 101 with the separate categories of: process post, peer review & tracking app

The drop down menu, in which my PUB 101 content lives.

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Doki Doki Crate: February Box Review ♡

If you must know something about me, I love Japanese culture, particularly anything that I deemed is cute or in Japanese, かわいい, (literal translation: cute).

And another fact about me? I’m a huge sucker for cute packages ˭̡̞(◞˃ᆺ˂)◞*. So, when I discovered Japan Crate’s Doki Doki Box online, I knew I wanted to try and get a subscription box.

Japan Crate  is an online subscription service company based in San Francisco. They send their subscribers a box of either Japanese candies, snacks, makeup products or items for their audience to experience the cultural side of Japan.  

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Peer Review #1: Photo and Phrases

For today’s post, I will be doing something different, regarding our assignments for our PUB 101 course.

This assignment encouraged us to review one of our fellow classmates website. We were randomly assigned to a peer from our tutorial class, the classmate that I paired up with was Sam, who is the creator and owner of Photo and Phrases.

The first thing I notice about Sam’s blog is the color theme, which is black, gray and white. Despite the dark colors, her writing pops out due to her choice of the white font, which contrasts with the dark background.

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